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Materials For Interior Design Courses in Pune

interior design courses in pune

What materials do I need when starting my Interior Design Course?

The basics

It’s worth buying a high- quality movable delineation board because you’ll use it a lot during the course. A good delineation board will also last you for numerous times and well into your interior design career. Some scholars who are formerly complete in computer- backed design( CAD) may not use a delineation board; still, if you aren’t familiar with specialized delineation, it’s necessary to begin by using a delineation board.

List of materials needed to start the Interior Design Courseย 

The list below is a breakdown of what you will need when starting the course. This list isnโ€™t exhaustive but covers the key items – you will receive a more detailed list before you start.

Black pens with a variety of nib sizes (e.g. Fineliner 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7)

A3 Portable drawing board

A3 Plain white drawing paper

A3 Tracing paper

Cutting mat

Triangular architectural scale ruler appropriate to your region

Colouring pencils (e.g. Polychromos by Faber-Castell)

Masking tape

Metal ruler

Set squares (30/60 degree and 45/45 degree)

Circles template

2H, HB and 2B pencils (or a clutch pencil)

Furniture template scale 1:50 (multiple scale if possible)


Compass or compass app


Other Materials Interior Design Course

As you progress through the course, you may be needed to pick up a many redundant bits and pieces, but these will each depend on the nature of the design and design that you work on. Again, these are accoutrements that you’ll use throughout your career in interior design.

Make sure you protect around and try to read as numerous product reviews as you can- spots like Amazon are great for this.

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